Eva Schultz (London)

"I've been struggling to lose weight for ages. Wha'ts great about this diet is that it is based on your own metabolic profile, so you can't cheat on the basis that you're special. It does take a bit of working out, and can feel a bit anti-social to begin with, but stick with it. I found lots of ways of making it work, and lst a stone in two weeks. Unlike other diets, I didn't feel hungry or listless, I felt great throughout, and it feel a very healthy way to correct a habit of excess that has built up over a long period of time."

Anita Lindgren (London)

"I have always struggled in achieving and particularly maintaining a suitable weight. Since Sanna introduced me to Metabolic Balance this has proven far easier and now that I have reached my goal, I find my weight fluctuates less and even if I put on some extra pounds, they are easy to lose. I tend to stick to items on my personal plan during the week and relax the rules a little during the weekend without any serious repercussions. Sanna's Metaoblic Balance recipes have also been very useful in encouraging me to be more adventorous."

Catherine Wilson (Essex)

"When Sanna introduced me to the Metabolic Balance diet I had little confidence in any diet helping me achieve any weight loss, let alone sustainable weight loss. I had tried many slimming clubs and books, but with little effect, despite my adherence to the rules and perseverance. My self confidence was quite low, and I was questioning my self control - even though I knew I was eating healthily I could not understand my gradual weight gain of recent years.

I took the diet very seriously and followed it to the letter for the first two weeks. The meals were actually quite easy to build into my normal working routine. I did feel hungry some times, but I also felt well and positive (following other diets I sometimes felt deprived and depressed).

After a week, the occasional hunger disappeared, I was eating as much food (if not more) than I used to, and I couldn't believe how much weight I had lost. I became very excited - after such a short time I had proof that this diet worked for me. Even my skeptical husband was silenced by the evidence! This helped me to stick to the plan easily from then on. I lost steadily over the following weeks.

I have eased off the diet now as I have reached my target weight. For the first time I feel confident that I can control my weight from here. I had worried that the weight would come back quickly because I had lost it relatively rapidly. But actually, I have lost a few more pounds quite effortlessly. It feel as though my body has learnt how to cope with food all over again and that my metabolism has woken up, so my body now works like everyone else's.

Sanna was supportive and sensible throughout. Because she has followed the diet herself she understood the pitfalls. I'm delighted with the results.

Catherine lost total of 2 stone over the first 2.5 months. During this period she had two one week holidays when she ate sensibly but didn't follow the diet. Her waist went from 35 inches to 31 inches, her bust from 44 inches to 38 inches and her hips from 44 inches to 40 inches."

Naomi Barr (Hampshire)

"I decided to try MB, as I had a stubborn stone that I could not shift, even though I ate a healthy balanced diet and exercised regularly. This weight was particularly around my stomach.

I started the MB programme with trepidation, I had never been on a ‘diet’ in my life, and was actually opposed to them, as I have seen in my work that they never seem to work. I found the first week and a half incredibly hard. Weighing food was completely alien to me, and trying to think of interesting meals that didn’t involve starchy carbs was really hard work. Even though I was actually eating more at breakfast and lunch time, I found that I was feeling absolutely starving all of the time, more hungry that I had ever been before! I also really struggled with my blood sugar, and had quite bad mood swings.

I was on the verge of giving up. I was fed up with reading about people on the programme who claimed that they never felt hungry when I was, to be honest, feeling pretty lousy. Then suddenly, towards the end of the second week every thing changed. I felt great, had loads of energy, and had lost 4 inches from my waist! I wasn’t hungry until just before meal times, and I was not missing starchy carbs at all.

Saying that, it was still a relief to get through the first 2 weeks, and have a takeaway and a glass of wine once a week! When you have this to look forward to, it certainly doesn’t feel like depravation, as a lot of ‘diets’ can. The interesting thing is that my cravings completely stopped. No longer was I craving wine after the kids had gone to bed, or something to snack on an hour after dinner. Also I was able to go to children’s parties, and not feel at all tempted by all the crisps and biscuits, which was a really strange experience. I found myself staring at a pile of biscuits absolutely shocked that I had no desire to eat them at all!

The other bonus of MB is that my PMT has completely gone! I would normally have quite bad PMT for a week before my period, so I knew that it was imminent, but now I am completely taken by surprise! I’m sure my family are happy about this.

I didn’t have a lot of weight to lose, and there was no dramatic weight loss for me. In 7 weeks on the programme I have lost 7kg, but I have lost 5 inches from my waist, 4” from my hips, and 3” from my chest. I have loads more energy, my moods are more stable, and my libido has improved, which was a surprising bonus!! Also, people are saying that my skin looks much better.

I have reached my target weight, and although I am no longer weighing what I eat, I don’t think I will ever go back to eating loads of potatoes, pasta, bread and rice, as I have realised that I simply don’t need them, or indeed miss them. I am eating what I want at the weekends, and following the rules of the programme during the week, and am still managing to lose weight.

Sanna has been a great help though all of this, she is extremely knowledgeable and friendly, and it really helps that she has been through the programme herself. She was great during the initial wobbles, and was really supportive throughout."

Rachel Wilson (London)

"I decided to follow the MB eating plan to rebalance my metabolism and get my body in better overall working oder - and with two main aims in mind. Firstly, with a view to losing the two stone I had put on since having had my first child and having unfortunately experienced a number of miscarriages trying to have a second one. Secondly, with the aim of getting by body fit to cope with trying to have another baby and avoid having another miscarriage in the process.

As the eating plan aims to reduce your insulin levels, keep cravings at bay and encourages your body to keep any weight loss from coming back, I thought this plan to be a good choice for me personally.

Month one of the eating plan was focused and challenging. However, because the weight loss was rapid I was spurred on to keep going. I lost 9lbs within the first couple of weeks. Since the first month I have kept to the principles of the eating plan but not stuck rigidly to the plan itself but I have still continued to lose weight. Overall I have lost 17lbs and dropped two dress sizes. I have lost 4 inches on my hips, 3.5 inches on my waist and 2 inches on my thighs. Wow! I've never been on a diet in my life and this was certainly the best one to go for. The great thing about the eating plan is that you can follow it again properly for an amount of time to lose some more weight when you want to.

I'm happy with my weight loss to date and have wanted to let both my body and my emotions get used to the weight loss before trying to lose more weight again. I am now following it again for a month and hope to lose about half a stone - I will then leave it there for a while and see how I feel in a couple of months.

I have to be honest and admit that I feel that the weight loss was relatively easy to achieve. I'm the sort of person who loves eating, is always out socialising and drinking, and hates feeling deprived. i genuinely believe that if I can do it, anyone can!"

Caroline Cooke (Essex)

"My weight had been stable for the last couple of years, after putting on quite a bit of weight during my 30s and 40s. Although I was aware I was overweight I suppose I had got used to it - after all it hadn't increased for a while. However, last summer I put on weight on holiday. I thought I would lose this excess as I usually did after a holiday, but no, it was clearly here to stay this time. The rolls of fat around my middle were not an attractive sight.

That was it - the incentive to do something about it so having heard about the Metabolic Balance programme, which sounded ideal for me, I started in January, having got Christmas and New Year out of the way.

The first two weeks were the hardest as I had to adjust to a completely new way of eating - new for me anyway. No more mid-morning coffee and KitKat for example. However the weight fell off easily - from my hips and thighs in particular - and the good thing was that I didn't feel hungry between meals which surprised me. After this strict phase I was able to enjoy the occasional treat meal which was great from a social point of view. I started to feel healthier too - no more niggling tummy aches and digestive problems that I used to put up with. I obviously had a minor food intolerance before.

The most difficult part of the programme was actually drinking enough water. I have never drunk enough before anyway and having to drink my three litres of personal allocation of water a day was impossible for me but I persevered and probably managed two litres on a good day. Weighing food was also a bit of a chore. I certainly needed more time every morning to prepare breakfast and lunch. But these were only little things - nothing to put me off the programme.

My aim was to lose 33lbs and I achieved this three days before I went on holiday in May. I was absolutely delighted and friends and family have all commented on how well I look. I now feel much more confident in what I wear and no longer feel the need to wear loose fitting tops to cover bulges. Although I am not following the programme in the way I was before, I am very aware of what I eat and have adopted many of the 'rules' which I will continue with from now on to maintain my new size 12 figure."

James Eames (London)

"For many years I had been trying to shift a good 25 lbs. However, the result was always the same. I would lose 5 to 10 lbs, then grind to a halt and over the next few months it would slowly creep back. A common story I'm sure.

In January 2010 I decided that I needed to do something different. Either that, or it would be another 10 years talking about losing weight without real success. My brother (a doctor) convinced me to try Metabolic Balance, and the result has been amazing. In 8 weeks I lost full 2 stone and 6 months on the weight has remained off. Problem solved, you might say.

So how did it work where so many diets that I had tried had failed. I would put it down to 3 things. Firstly the diet is tailored to your metabolism. Through leveling my metabolism and sugar levels I was able to eat significantly fewer calories and not feel hungry - this really surprised me and was key to me being able to follow the diet whilst working hard in a demanding job. Secondly, the regular consultations I had with Sanna were extremely useful. Sanna helped me to understand which elements of the diet drove maximum benefit and how to flex the diet after the weight loss to ensure the weight stayed off. Thirdly, now the weight is off, I know how to keep it off and, if it creeps back on, I have a tool for shifting it fast that I know works."