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August 19, 2014
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Healthy Chicken Curry

One of the things I hate about 'diet food' is that it's often bland and tasteless.  So when I'm trying to think up different ways of making tasty meals out of Metabolic Balance plan foods, I want to make sure that they taste good too!  So a chicken curry the healthy way, seemed like a great option. Some of the spices I've started using more and more are curry powder and Garam Masala powder.  Watch this space for further permutations of the theme, but let's start with today's recipe, a good old-fashioned chicken curry.

So here is a healthy chicken curry recipe for 2

2 portions (approx 300g) of vegetables (I really like mushrooms and leeks with this with little bit of onion, but you could go more traditional with cauliflower for example)
2 chicken breasts (according to your protein weight)
2 tsp of turmeric
2 tsp of mild or medium curry powder
2 tsp of Garam Masala
1 tsp of ground cumin
1 tsp of ground ginger
1-2 cloves of garlic

If you are using cauliflower, par boil the florets and keep the water you boiled them in.

Heat the spices in a dry frying pan until fragrant (watch out that you don't burn them!)

Add garlic and stir.  Add the vegetables and coat with spices.  Add some oil (if using), and pour in some stock to loosen up.  Cook covered for a few minutes until spices and liquid are well combined and the vegetables are coated with the resulting paste.  Add the diced chicken.  Cook until the chicken is cooked, stirring regularly.  You can add more liquid if you want more of a sauce.

Serve with some toasted rye bread to mop up the juices.


  1. Ginny Dizon says:

    Thank you so much for posting this recipe! I’ve been growing tired of my limited food choices – and not too much time to really plan my meals and converting my favorite dishes to MBP friendly ones. I loved your curry and I have now been able to infuse more flavor into my meals. Keep it up, please!

  2. Hennie1956 says:

    Looks delicious

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