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August 13, 2014
Bean and Mushroom Salad
August 19, 2014

The food industry for most part is not there to satisfy our hunger, but to further whet our appetities and to make us feel good about their products.  There are very few prepared foods that don’t contain flavour enhancers.  Mostly people love the salty-sweet taste that we have grown accustomed to, and don’t even notice that most things taste the same.  Studies have even shown that certain combinations of the food additives have an effect similar to that of serotonin (the happiness hormone) in the brain.  In this regard the sensation of hunger is very similar to a physical addiction.

Metabolic Balance diet is very much about re-training both your metabolism and also your taste buds.  It helps you see that when you eat good quality nourishing food you will need less of it!  These changes don’t always happen overnight though, and as many of my clients have discovered, the first couple of days can be a little bit trickier.  It also takes a while for the old habits to change – after all, lot of our eating is habitual, rather than because we are hungry.  The long-term benefits make it worth while though – you will start appreciating the lovely rich tastes that simple good food has, you will know which foods work for you, and will have more energy, better digestion and find it easy to control your weight.

According to the creators of the Metabolic Balance plan, you don’t have to ‘starve, fast, or chastise yourself, nor will you have to reward yourself’ on this diet.  It’s more about trusting that the combination of your individual health information will form a base for a plan that will nourish your body while allowing you to still enjoy the food and stay slim at the same time.

If you’d like to find out more about what the Metabolic Balance diet is all about, book in for a free initial consultation to discuss your individual requirements.

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