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Nutritional Therapy and Digestive Health

If you have alternating constipation and diarrhoea, spasms and cramping, abdominal bloating or gas and flatulence, you probably have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).  IBS is one of those frustrating terms that don’t really give much help with the symptoms though.  It just confirms that you are having all or some of the above symptoms.

If you have been suffering from IBS for a while, it means your digestive system tends to be functioning sub-optimally.  In addition to the unpleasant symptoms, you will get less nutrients from the foods you eat because of the digestive disturbances. Over time, this may mean that your immune systems starts to get weaker and you become more susceptible to the onslaught of bacteria and viruses that we are faced with.

Food intolerances often get mentioned in the same sentence with IBS, and many people end up on unnecessarily restrictive diets in an attempt to improve their digestive health. Often, all this ends up achieving is a lot of frustration with having only few ‘safe’ foods to eat without providing a real long-term solution to the problem.

How nutritional therapy can help...

Seeing a nutritionist for help with IBS can make a real difference. The key to solving digestive problems such as IBS is getting right down to the underlying causes of it, rather than just treating and managing the symptoms. One of the most common tests used I use in my nutrition practice is a comprehensive digestive stool analysis. It gives me an insight into what exactly is going wrong inside you, which means we can then also efficiently deal with those problems and quickly ease your symptoms. Parasites and bacterial overgrowth coupled with low levels of friendly bacteria are more common than you would think. The good news is that with the right nutritional intervention the unpleasant symptoms caused by any of them can be dealt with relatively easily, leaving you to enjoy a healthier life.

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